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Born Through Frustration

Life is just too busy and far too short without having to sit down on your bed and unravel a mountain of tangled cables. Not only do you have to untangle them, you also have to find them all. Argh! 

iComboStand Was Born!

We understand your pain and felt it ourselves as Apple Users. So the "Solutions to Inspire" Team began working on the ideal solution in January 2018. 

After countless hours of research and development together with numerous concepts and prototypes, we have now created the best possible outcome for all Apple lovers.

The iComboStand is currently patent pending and ready to level up your current charging experience.

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The Ultimate Qi Charger!

The iComboStand design not only looks elegant, but it has also been engineered to make your life better.

Not only does it look amazing, the iComboStand utilizes world leading, cutting-edge technology!

It's as simple as placing your devices on the iComboStand and they magically start to charge. 

Yes, it's that easy! 

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Charges All Your Apple Devices Wirelessly

Designed to charge the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. Yes, you read that right, 3 devices charging all at once... on one charging device!

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And It Charges Your 4th Device!

We have introduced a bonus USB port which is strategically positioned on the side for an iPad, Power Pack, Kindle etc.

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Perfect For Your Home & Work

The iComboStand is the perfect charging station for both Home and the Office. There's nothing worse then getting half way through your day and your device starts going flat. So why not have a second iComboStand at your work station?

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Easy FaceTime

The iComboStand enables you to FaceTime handsfree whilst your phone continues to charge. We have positioned the iComboStand for the perfect viewing angle, which is very natural and comfortable.

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Watch Netflix or YouTube

The iComboStand is also designed to fast charge in the landscape position. This means that you can watch Netflix or Youtube handsfree with total confidence that your iPhone won't go flat.

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Charge Your Phone While In Bed

One of the reasons we added the extra USB port was to enable the charging of the iPhone whilst using it in bed. 

There is nothing worse than settling into bed and just wanting to wind down on your phone, but you can't because it's dead flat! Well now you can, all whilst still utilizing our next generation wireless charging station. 

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Perfect Night Stand and Alarm Clock

The other design features that make the iComboStand superior over current wireless chargers is the fact that it enables you to set up your iPhone as your Alarm Clock. Decluttering your bedside cupboard and complimenting the iComboStand's minimalist design.

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Nothing But The Best Technology!

The iComboStands Cutting-edge technology allows you to have peace of mind that your Apple devices are safe.

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iComboStand Specification

The iComboStand is the only purposed built Qi Wireless Premium Aluminium charging Stand for all your 3 Apple devices on the market!

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