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Great concept, Almost great execution

I was thrilled to finally find a 3 in 1 wireless charging stand that held the phone upright rather than laying flat... all the others either laid the phone flat or only wirelessly charged 2 devices with the third plugged in... so when I finally found this I immediately ordered it... but it has been hit and miss in charging my phone overnight... I always make sure it’s charging before I get in bed but on a few occasions I have awakened to find it didn’t charge the phone which died in the night... especially when using a digital clock / alarm app ... Which is obviously problematic... I’ve decided to take extra care to make sure it’s charging and use the clock app on my iPad which defeats the purpose and lessens my excitement

I combo stand pro 4 in 1 charger for Apple

Fantastic. I love it.

My icombo charger

Mostly OK. I sometimes go back to my Apple charger if I want a quicker charge because it icombo is slower. I have also found on occasion that I have my iPhone on the icombo and when I went to
pick it up it had not charged at all. I also always check that the lightning bolt is lit each time I place my phone on the charger just in case. On the flip side I love being able to have all of my apple devices in the one place and they all fit on the icombo perfectly. So yes I would recommend.

My wife loves it and so do I

If your wife has an iPhone, then buy one of these and get lots of brownie points. I didn't realize how good this product would be when I ordered it as a gift for my wife but she's set it up beside the bed and loves not having to get cables that have fallen down behind the bedside unit. To top it off, the phone is positioned perfectly to see during the night. All this adds up to brownie points for me-:)

May not work with your case

I finally received my stand and the first time charging my iPhone the case was on and charged perfectly. However, after that first time, it would not charge the phone even though it showed it was charging on the phone. I had to take the case of to charge every time now. Watch has had no issue. The USB port seems to charge very slowly for my iPad. Overall it will work if you want everything together just do not expect it to be super fast if you need the extra juice quickly. Shipping took well over a month to get it here. I will say though that this was a couple weeks before the holidays so my guess is that is the main reason for the delay.