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Works beautiful so handy and so convenient I have recommended this to all that you

Works beautiful so handy and convenient I have recommended to all thank you. Fine product

iComboStand 4-In-1 Apple Wireless Charging Station

WOW I love it......I am going to buy 2 more very soon. I want one for my loungeroom and 1 for my dinning room.

My iComboStand review

Looks Good, Works Great, Highly Recommended!!

4 in 1 charger

Great product which arrived on schedule. I bought 2 and do not regret it

This iconbostand is fantastic

I purchased two of these stands for home and work! I charges the phone really fast and now I have everything on hand, so I don't need to put the phone on one charger in a room then a separate room and charger for the iPad and the same for the iwatch!
Absolutely fantastic. The delivery was really fast also!!

Best thing ever!

I had cords every where and often found myself accidentally pulling a cord out of the outlet when things became entangled! But no more, everything is organized and as one that doesn't like clutter, I love my iComboStand!! Thank you for such a great invention!

Outstanding product

My wife got a new iPhone and found that her dock station was now obsolete. She found it cumbersome to run cables all over the place just to charge her phone and even if she did, the phone would need to lay flat and require her to continuously pick it up and down all day as she worked.
I set out to find her a replacement charging station that would be similar to her old dock.
After many, many, many searches and countless reviews, I singled out this combo stand as the one I would get her.
She has been thrilled with the stand from the moment she plugged it in.
She even purchased an Apple Watch which now gets charged at the same time.
She also got a new set of ear pods and loves how fast they charge while in their case.
I officially am the best husband in the world for getting her this combo stand.

Thanks...Worth every penny.

Great Product

Bought as a Christmas gift. My sister is very happy with this product. Does exactly what she needed it to do. Neat and tidy. Looks good and works well.

Great Item

The best stand I've see yet. Looks great on my desk.

Icombo stand

Expensive but good quality materials and works well

Great Stand

Works perfectly with my iPhone X Apple Watch and Glaxy Buds. Also very nice design and finish. Definitely worth the buy!

Neat and tidy

This is a very neat and tidy wireless charging stand that I’ve had for around 3 months. I have the Apple pro max phone air pods pro and Apple 4 watch. At the start I was unsure wether my air pod pro were charging due to the light only illuminating for a few seconds then turning off but I read that another user was turning the air pods case sideways and was charging fine so in saying that , all my gadgets seem to be charging just fine over night.
All in all a very good wireless charging stand for all of my Apple gadgets, just what I was looking for and at the time of purchase was the best of what was available. I’m definitely not unhappy with this purchase.

Great product

This is one of the best electronic versions I’ve ever received. It’s constructed with the best materials .

Satisfied Customer

I ordered one for myself and one for my son. I have only used mine with my iPhone XS Max, but my son has used his with his iPhone 11, Apple watch series 5, and his air pods Pro. The unit is attractive and sturdy and functions as advertised. it has the heft to stay put, so one doesn't have to worry about knocking it off a nightstand. The packaging is as professional and attractive as Apple's own. that makes it a nice gift. My only criticism is that there should be some way to lock the two pieces together.

charing stand

Bought this a few months ago really works great highly recommend it

Simple, elegant & functional.

In short, the iComboStand works well, it is precisely what my wife and I were after, and looks good too. There are a couple of small workarounds needed in my case. Still, I would strongly recommend the iComboStand to anyone.

My wife and I had been looking for a charging stand that worked for iPhone Xs, AirPod’s and Apple Watch for a little while. We found several other shards that had been and gone on Kick Starter, or that charged two devices, required additional items such as cables or Apple Watch chargers, none that fit our bill. We found the iComboStand and that it was still available so read up and bought two of them. My wife is thrilled with the look of hers, and how it works, gives all her devices a place to charge overnight.

The stand is simple and refined in look. My wife went for the silver unit with its back charging base, while I went for the all back. The design also makes it simple to remove the ‘base’ and sit it on the ‘back’ so that it is flat, which makes it easy to pack for travel. The materials used are nicely finished, and the stand looks at home on the bedside tables. Also, the packaging is very well put together with all inflation and illustration looking as if it should be in a high-end retail outlet.

I like the fact that the unit came with its own AC power pack and USB-C cable to plug it in, as well as the fact it has a built-in Apple Watch charger magnet. There is no need to BYO ‘stuff’ for this stand and have to route cables through slots. This might not seem much, but it means that my original power packs and cables can live in my work bag for emergencies.

All three iThings fit in their respective locations on the charger get their juice overnight (see a note next paragraph down on this). The addition of the USB port on the side is also excellent, it's handy to plug in another device to charge from it. My iPad Pro will even charge off this but very slow, that due to it being 5v at 1amp, but still handy none the less.

So there are a couple of things that I feel could be refined on an updated model, these are not show stoppers and can all be worked around, so IMHO does not detract from the device.

1. Positioning device - now this has shown on a couple of other reviews that positioning needs to be correct or else devices don’t charge. On a couple of occasions, I have picked up my phone in the morning to find that it has not charged. The simple workaround for this, make sure that when you position your device, you get the acknowledgement that it's charging.

2. Magnet for Apple Watch could be stronger - I have found that when I have my metal link bracket band on my watch, it is too heavy and cause the Apple Watch to fall forward and detach from the magnet so won't charge. I have also found that with the sports loop band, I need to make sure the band is closed to the watch stay in place and charge.

3. Air Pod Pro’s - last not least, I have found that the design does not cope with the Air Pod Pro’s case when you simply sit it on the stand in a horizontal orientation. I’m assuming that the charging coils are not quite in the right location for this. The workaround for this is simple, rotate the case 90 deg, see the photo below, and the case charges.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchase, as is my wife. If anyone is looking for an all in one charging solution, Ii would have not hesitation recommending the iComboStand, for the price compared to other chargers. It should be a simple decision for anyone.

Great product

Bought this 2 months ago and has worked perfectly. No complaints at all.

Love my icombostand

Compact design and very efficient, love it

Best multi charger

The icombo stand is by far the best charger for your multiple apple devices. Had tried many others but they always failed to charge multiple devices... if you need a multi charger fir your Apple products this is the only one worth buying...


It is an excellent product that charges 4 of my devices. I would highly recommend.

Great concept, Almost great execution

I was thrilled to finally find a 3 in 1 wireless charging stand that held the phone upright rather than laying flat... all the others either laid the phone flat or only wirelessly charged 2 devices with the third plugged in... so when I finally found this I immediately ordered it... but it has been hit and miss in charging my phone overnight... I always make sure it’s charging before I get in bed but on a few occasions I have awakened to find it didn’t charge the phone which died in the night... especially when using a digital clock / alarm app ... Which is obviously problematic... I’ve decided to take extra care to make sure it’s charging and use the clock app on my iPad which defeats the purpose and lessens my excitement

I combo stand pro 4 in 1 charger for Apple

Fantastic. I love it.

May not work with your case

I finally received my stand and the first time charging my iPhone the case was on and charged perfectly. However, after that first time, it would not charge the phone even though it showed it was charging on the phone. I had to take the case of to charge every time now. Watch has had no issue. The USB port seems to charge very slowly for my iPad. Overall it will work if you want everything together just do not expect it to be super fast if you need the extra juice quickly. Shipping took well over a month to get it here. I will say though that this was a couple weeks before the holidays so my guess is that is the main reason for the delay.

My icombo charger

Mostly OK. I sometimes go back to my Apple charger if I want a quicker charge because it icombo is slower. I have also found on occasion that I have my iPhone on the icombo and when I went to
pick it up it had not charged at all. I also always check that the lightning bolt is lit each time I place my phone on the charger just in case. On the flip side I love being able to have all of my apple devices in the one place and they all fit on the icombo perfectly. So yes I would recommend.

My wife loves it and so do I

If your wife has an iPhone, then buy one of these and get lots of brownie points. I didn't realize how good this product would be when I ordered it as a gift for my wife but she's set it up beside the bed and loves not having to get cables that have fallen down behind the bedside unit. To top it off, the phone is positioned perfectly to see during the night. All this adds up to brownie points for me-:)